I Need Your Help

A few days ago I shared in my post "5 goals for 2018" that one of my goals for this year was to be more consistent in blogging and writing. I said that I wanted to begin posting twice a week. Honestly, that's been my goal for a long time. Well, in an effort to achieve …

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2017 Reader’s Survey + Giveaway Coming (Jan. 1)

I have put together a very short reader's survey and I would love to hear your feedback. It honestly shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes to finish. Just click here to take the Survey now. What's the point of the survey? I would like to know why you guys read my blog. To learn how I …

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Summer Rundown + Upcoming Series

Labor day occurred yesterday, so that means that Autumn is officially here. Not exactly, but whose paying enough attention to care. Honestly, in my mind, when school starts, summer is over. Because that's pretty much how it goes, besides it just means we're getting closer to Christmas, hooray! I began the summer in hopes of …

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