Bible Reading Part Two

A simple guide to help you continue reading your bible everyday. 


This post is part two, of a two part series on bible reading.  If you haven’t read it yet you may want to read that before reading this one, you can find that Here.

This post like I said is part two. In the first post I wrote about some things to do to help get yourself started into the habit of reading the bible. In this post I would like to include some tips to help you keep on going. It can be easy to start something. But the hard part is to keep going, to continue daily. So I’ve written four tips to help keep you to read your bible daily.

#1 Start Small

Just like anything else it’s not good to take on more than you can handle. If you’re just starting you might want to choose a plan that has fewer chapters like two or three rather than five or ten chapters a day. As you continue if you want to spend more time add another chapter. But be sure not to jump into more than you can handle.

#2 Pray

Prayer is an important part of bible reading. If you want to get anywhere the best thing you can do is to pray. Ask God to give you a desire to seek Him through His word.

#3 Read It Everyday

If you can force yourself to read everyday, you’ll have a lot better chances of sticking with it. Even if you’re not able to do as much as you wanted its very helpful just to get into the habit by doing it everyday.

#4 Don’t Tell Anyone

If you want to read the bible everyday it’s not good to tell everyone. Remember it’s between you and God. It’s fine if you want to tell a close friend for accountability but be sure not to tell too many people.


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